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The ManUp Key is a slide hammer action tool that saves you EFFORT and MONEY when it comes to releasing access covers.

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Saves 'you'

"Did you know 20% of back injuries incurred at Severn Trent are caused by lifting manholes?

Used in accordance with your organisation Health & Safety procedures, the users can avoid back injuries commonly caused by standard lifting methods.

There are more than 350 back injuries per year in the drainage industry in the UK.

Graphic of a person sufering back pain placing both hands on the small of their back

Weighs Less.

The ManUp Key replaces many other heavy releasing and raising tools, all tips available to fit one device often replacing many keys needed to raise stubborn manholes...

An estimated weight reduction of 50%

Graphic of a stopwatch

Saves time 

"This has saved us on the job"

The ManUp Key is proven to lift stubborn manhole covers almost every time, saving time in hammering down, chiselling around the edges, requiring large tools and specialised equipment and further agencies.

An estimated time saving on stubborn man-holes = 145hrs per annum

Costs less 

"I go straight for this (the key) and they always come up!"

The ManUp Key replaces many other tools needed to raise stubborn manholes, no broken manholes, it means no other agencies need to be commissioned, all tips available to fit one device 

An estimated code of a broken man-hole - labour, fuel, parts = $2,350

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