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How to open a manhole cover with the ManUp Key

Moving stuck and seized manholes is time consuming and expensive. The ManUp Key is proven to move 95% of them! The ManUp Key is also easy to use so it’ll take operatives less time to move stuck manholes. It’ll make your company more efficient by saving you time and money!

But how does the ManUp Key work? It’s quite simple. A unique and patented slide-hammer action allows users to exert temporary upward force on Manhole covers. When combined with the correct tip (there are more than 15 available) operatives are able to strike stuck covers from below, forcing them upwards. Thanks to its design, the impact is absorbed by the cover itself meaning the key is not just highly effective but also safe. It also allows users to maintain their posture during use, minimizing the risk of back injuries.

For more details on how The ManUp Key works and how it can help your business, we've created a video.

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